Our team

Our team

Danny Nkuvu

Senior partner
  • Administrative and technical management with 42 years of professional experience
  • MGI Strong Nkv reports warranty
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Dieudonné Mampasi

Associate partner
  • Mission director
  • Certified accountant
  • Project audit and procurement expert
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Hervé Kouadio

Hervé Kouadio

Senior manager
  • Certified accountant FRANCE and DRC
  • Financial and accounting audit
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Glodie Ntiakulu

Glodie Ntiakulu

Assistant manager
  • Mission manager
  • Certified accountant
  • NGO and development projects expert
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Thomas Phaka

Thomas Phaka

Assistant manager
  • Graduate in Economics and Finance
  • Tax expert
  • IT plan designer
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Raoul Nzola

IT Supervisor
  • Graduate in Computer Science and Statistics
  • IT systems supervisor
  • Strong-Nkv webmaster
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Intervention staff

MGI Strong NKV employs a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals, supported by an appropriately experienced operational team.

Our senior managers individually have more than 20 years of market experience managing complex strategies through numerous market cycles, including major stress periods.