Our resources

Our teams

Our teams in charge of various missions are composed exclusively of permanent members of Strong Nkv and when required receive the necessary support from our global partner, MGI WORLDWIDE.

This permanent support ensures the effectiveness of their missions and facilitates their control.

The members of each team are selected for their specific experiences and their ability to meet the specific objectives of the missions entrusted to them.

For each mission, we involve experts and consultants with a strong background and who have afterwards furthered their training through a career path in line with the criteria of our MGI group partner.

Continuous training

We recruit young graduates from the major business schools and universities who then periodically follow specialized courses through technical seminars in order to reinforce their experiences in the different fields in which they are called upon to intervene.

At the end of each year of professional practice, the individual activity report makes it possible to determine the evolution of the level and leads each member to follow in-depth seminars with a view to adapting and improving his level of competence.

Continuous training is also carried out throughout the missions through supervision and the assistance of more qualified staff.