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  • Kinshasa Digital Week (3/12/2019) Posted in: Local news

    Kinshasa Digital Week 2019, the annual meeting of technological innovations and decision-makers

    What is Kinshasa Digital Week ?
    Kinshasa Digital Week brings to Kinshasa the most innovative stakeholders and tech companies from Africa. Be ready to live 2 inspiring, sharing and learning days to make the future your own ! Join Kinshasa Digital Week Summit on April 12 & 13 at Pullman Hotel of Kinshasa for two days full of education, networking and demo of pan african innovation to connect your company to the future … read more …

  • A multipolar growth for the DRC (7/9/2018) Posted in: Local news

    To avoid the mistakes of the past, the governor of the Central Bank of Congo advocates a multipolar growth

    The Central Bank of Congo organized a conference-debate in Lubumbashi on the theme: “From stabilization to sustained and sustainable growth: issues and perspectives”. Speaking during the press conference, which preceded the meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee (CPM) on June 18, Governor Déogratias Mutombo returned to the motives for organizing this high-level meeting. He proposed some guidelines to correct the mistakes of the past and keep a sustained and sustainable growth in the DRC.

    According to him, the country needs to implement strategic orientations that induce multipolar growth. This growth, he continued, implies the significant contribution of each sector of the economy to GDP … read more …

  • Better business and investment climate in DRC (7/2/2018) Posted in: Local news

    ANAPI publishes the report of the impact and satisfaction survey on the reforms

    Legal and judicial insecurity, difficult access to finance, lack of transparency in administrative operations and so many other factors are the main concerns of private sector investors in R & D. Congo. It is on this subject that was presented on June 28 2018 the report of the impact and satisfaction survey on the reforms relating to the improvement of the business climate and investments by the National Agency for Investment Promotion (ANAPI) … read more …

  • Congo Business Forum will be held on June 30 in Paris (6/24/2018) Posted in: Local news

    Invest in the heart of Africa

    Organized by the Congo Millennium Business Club (CMBC), the meeting will bring together the professionals and entrepreneurs of the Congolese diaspora and all those interested in business opportunities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    The Congo business forum (CBF), “driven by Congolese expertise at the international level”, according to the organizers, wants to be the reference meeting for professionals and business leaders in search of a new market. For Jean Ishaku, one of the co-founders of the CMBC, the establishment of this forum should mark a new momentum in the diaspora, with the aim of creating a movement in investment and encourage more of companies to look to Congo … read more …

  • She Okitundu encourages French investments in the DRC (6/24/2018) Posted in: Local news

    The Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration and the Ambassador of France in the DRC launched Wednesday, June 13 in Kinshasa, the 5th edition of the French Week.

    The ceremony took place at the Capitol of the Pullman Hotel Kinshasa.

    Under the theme: “Securing business in the DRC: A necessity, a challenge”, this meeting, which will take place until June 16, aims to foster economic relations between French operators and the Congolese business community. All in the ideal to become a rendezvous of the economic landscape of the DRC.
    In her communication, the PMO She Okitundu welcomed the substantial contribution of France in the peace process in the DRC. France, he said, continues to play a key role in the peace and stability process in the DRC as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.

    “The relationship between the DRC and France is fueled by a special relationship. That of the Francophonie” hinted the VPM She. The defense of the French language requires an investment in culture, because language is an important vector and facilitates the establishment of French companies in the DRC, said the boss of the Congolese Diplomacy … read more …

  • Litigation between DRC and Glencore (6/24/2018) Posted in: Local news

    KCC litigation: an agreement found between GECAMINES and Katanga Mining

    The Congolese mining company GECAMINES reached an agreement on Tuesday with Katanga Mining, a subsidiary of Glencore with which the Congolese General Mines conflicted in the management of dividends generated by the mining company Kamoto Cooper Company (KCC).
    A statement released Wednesday by GECAMINES speaks of a new win-win partnership.

    Une vue des installations de la Gécamine. Reuters/Ph. David Lewis

    According to this agreement, GECAMINES will begin to collect for the first time from fiscal year 2019 dividends cumulatively estimated at more than two billion US dollars. The Congolese mining giant will also benefit from a significant increase in the valuation of its stake in KCC which, the statement said, was zero because of the high level of indebtedness of KCC … read more …

  • Launch of Capacity Building Project for DRC Integration in COMESA (6/24/2018) Posted in: Local news

    The Capacity Building Project for the Implementation of DRC Regional Integration in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Free Trade was launched on Tuesday, June 5 in Kinshasa.

    According to finance minister Henri Yav Mulang, who kicked off the project, the DRC’s geostrategic position in the heart of Africa is destined to play a major role in sub-regional economic complexes.

    The specific objective of the project launched is to strengthen, among others, the capacities of the Congolese Control Office (OCC), to contribute to the effective implementation of the Simplified Trade Regime and to strengthen the capacities of customs personnel and other actors … read more …

  • Katanga: Launch of Kasumbalesa Dry Port Works (6/24/2018) Posted in: Local news

    Katanga: Kasumbalesa dry port launched at a cost of $ 300 million, 5,000 jobs expected

    Head of State Joseph Kabila Kabange launched Friday, June 1, 2018, the construction of the dry port of Kasumbalesa, in the province of Upper Katanga, a project led by the Multimodal Freight Management Office (OGEFREM).

    In his address, the general manager of OGEFREM justified the choice of Kasumbalesa for the construction of this dry port, because of the strategic position occupied by this city … read more

  • World Bank mobilizes to boost agricultural sector in DRC (6/4/2018) Posted in: Local news

    Food security in the Democratic Republic of Congo was at the heart of a forum held in Kinshasa

    During these meetings held on May 18 at Kempinski Hotel River Congo, participants were profiled by the results of a study conducted in the agricultural sector by the World Bank in 2017. Condensed in the Review of the Agricultural Sector (RSA) These results were presented to a group of Government members and actors working in the field of agriculture, with a view to finding solutions to the crisis.

    In a crowded room, a team from the World Bank came to present the analytical work of a study prepared by its experts in the field of agriculture. The occasion was favorable to present the Review of the agricultural sector in the DRC and the different trends recorded in this sector on the African continent … read more …

  • The new telecoms law aims to boost this sector (6/4/2018) Posted in: Local news

    End of the OCPT monopoly

    The National Representation adopted in the plenary session of May 7th, the draft law on telecommunications and information and communication technologies. This text aims to make this sector a growth promoter.

    The explanatory memorandum of this law reveals that telecommunications and information and communication technologies, a field of commercial and technical activities presenting a number of economic, social, human and security issues, are in rapid development in the DRC. This development requires an adaptation of the legislation in force to the new deal … read more …